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  General Considerations

Considering Search as a ready-to-go solution might seem to be the easy way. However, our experience shows that organizations who have the mindset of “Search as a platform” are much more satisfied with their Search.

When it comes to migration, in most cases it’s definitely easier to migrate any no-customization solution, though. The more customization is made, the more sophisticated our search platform is, the more complex the migration will be. But with proper analysis and planning, this complexity can be a benefit rather than pain point.

In this chapter, I summarized some key points to consider when you are about to decide which search engine to choose:

  • Content
  • Classifying and Unifying Cross-System Data
  • Hybrid Scenarios
  • Search Management and Maintenance
  • User Experience
  • Result Set Customization
  • Ranking and Relevance
  • Query Operations
  • The Migration Process